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When searching for a new mattress, don’t take a chance. Take the test!

Bedmatch Mattress Test at Bob Mills Sleep SpaFor years people have used a ritualistic selection process in choosing a new mattress. This test consists of going to the store to push down on the mattress to see if it is “soft” or “firm” enough. The big guess occurs by laying on the mattress in the store for about 3-5 minutes to determine how “comfortable” it is . There is absolutely no way to determine how comfortable the mattress is or how rested you feel in the morning simply by pushing on it or laying on it for a couple quick minutes. As a result, this aging selection ritual is inherently flawed. You take a guess and hope you got lucky with your purchase after many nights of sleep.

If you are looking for new mattress in this great age of advanced medical science, it is important to ask yourself this question. If there is sensor technology available to match you to the right mattress for your back and it is free, why wouldn’t you use it?

There is no way to tell in a few minutes at the store if a mattress will cause you to toss and turn, interrupt your sleep because it retains too much heat, or even contribute to regular back and body pain. Here is another twist, just because a mattress causes discomfort or pain doesn’t necessarily make it a bad mattress. It just makes it a bad mattress for you. Imagine wearing shoes that are one size too small and how much that would hurt. They may feel OK, or at least tolerable, for the first few minutes but are a recipe for agony later in the day. So what is the BedMatch® test? It is a scientific method of finding the mattress that is the right “size”… for your back in less than five minutes.

Decades of medical sleep research, BedMatch®

Buy Your Bed Back Mattress PromotionReviewed by physicians at Duke University, BedMatch® uses 18 statistical measurements, sensor technology, and makes thousands of calculations within its algorithm to give you one simple answer in less than 5 minutes of what mattress is right for your body. So what does “right” mean when it comes to selecting a mattress?

Primary factors for sleeping comfort include pressure relief and natural postural alignment. If a spine is not in natural alignment, it is bent or even slightly kinked. When this occurs, there are heavier points of pressure when you sleep in areas like your hips causing muscles to compensate to correct the problem. These muscles are often in the neck as well as lower and upper back, that can cause discomfort, stiffness and pain during sleep and lingering throughout the day.  Finding the right mattress is not a matter of “soft” or “firm”. It is about finding which mattress provides the right level of support for your body.

Renowned for national sleep research expert, Robert Oexman, the Sleep to Live Institute offers amazing resources for sleep research, articles, and studies.

Find the right mattress for your back

If you are looking for a mattress, come to Bob Mills Sleep Spa. Don’t take a chance. Take the test!